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Summary Web frontend to the Subversion svnserve daemon.
Category scm
Owner(s) sigfred


The aim of this project (ViewSvnserve) is to provide a Web frontend to repositories hosted by the Subversion svnserve daemon.

The functionality will be somewhere between repository browsing as provided by the Subversion Apache httpd 2.0 module and ViewCVS. You will be able to

  • Browse repository at different revisions.
  • View log entries.
  • View files and download them.
  • Configure layout using CSS.

The actual implemention is an Apache httpd 1.3 module that works in the chroot environment provided by the OpenBSD Apache httpd. The module require no write privileges. The above is implemented today and works on OpenBSD, but is in an alpha phase. For now only ANONYMOUS access is supported.

The most glaring omission in functionality is viewing diff between various revisions, but that is likely to be implemented later on.

The license will be the one currently used by OpenBSD.